Our Commitments

Cabinet Perilingua’s services are based on these fundamental values.

We maintain the highest standards

Corporate translation from English to FrenchProfessional translators translate into their mother tongue. This is the golden rule of the profession and Cabinet Perilingua adheres to it scrupulously.

Every translation is reviewed and revised in-house. Depending on the type of text, it may be revised externally too, because four eyes are better than two.


We will manage your project expertly

Before we issue a quote, we will examine the document(s) to be translated, bearing in mind the industry in which you work and the background to the project based on the key questions mentioned above (Who? What? Why? Is there a glossary already available?, etc.) to ensure that the service we provide is the right one for your particular needs

Each request is unique, so each quote must be unique. We will not refer to a standard price list and spend the same amount of time on each quote. Quoting for a few hundred pages will obviously take longer than quoting for a few words. 


We work only in our specialist areas

To ensure your translation is fit for purpose, we will only accept projects that are within our working languages and areas of specialisation or can be handled by one of our translation partners.

We owe it to you to be honest. Nobody can master all the subject areas and translate every language in the world.


Translation is communication. It is a form of dialogue and this dialogue extends to the people who actually wrote your texts. We will discuss the content with them and iron out any questions or misinterpretations to ensure the translation is accurate and right for its intended purpose.

This dialogue is vital to ensure the project is monitored throughout: before, during and after the translation itself has been produced.


English to French quality translationQuality

Translation quality is a given.

But we’re not just talking about the quality of the writing.

A good knowledge of you and your environment is also essential. The translator must be fully briefed on the background of a project. The meaning of a text will always depend on the context in which it was written and how it is to be used. This, too, will affect the quality of a translation.
The more we work with you, the better we will get to know you. The more we know about you and your background, the better we can translate your message.

And, of course, meeting deadlines is another quality criterion.



Confidentiality is the translator’s second golden rule and does not just apply to sworn translators. All translation requests are confidential and treated as such.

This is a tacit rule of our profession but can also be formalised by signing a confidentiality agreement before we send our quote. Any items you send us to enable us to quote will be returned or destroyed at your request. 


Cabinet Perilingua cares

Translation from English, Spanish and Russian to FrenchAt Cabinet Perilingua we take our social responsibility seriously. As far as is possible we communicate digitally to reduce our environmental footprint. 
We also believe in equal opportunities and a fairer society, so we support social enterprises and skills-based sponsorship.






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